Sunday, June 24, 2007

I Want To Be The Mitochondrion

[love for the work of David Ho]

Though outdated now, I'm tired of hearing that I'm not blogging - so, here's one of my many little private letters of links...

"Severing proteins induce kinks in the filament and lead to the formation of short fragments that rapidly de-polymerize or give rise to new filaments."
--Biovisions @ Harvard video

A fabulous video about the inner life of a cell, more like a social study in my little world. (from ZF, of course)

Basically, my words no longer serve to convey proper emotions. I'm not sure if that means things are ending, or just becoming endless?

I am prone to loving in excess - though not often is it that I wish to conume&devour. I think that behavior leads to [un]necessary reductions I am not so eager to partake in.

I spend my days roaming streets, surrounded by an eternal stream of commotion, but always left -- sitting: solitary, enslaved by nothing but my own volumes of illogical rules. Always in need of protection, but never really knowing from whom.

Counting the days until July, when I may see my Spiderman Spydercam, escape the grime, and inhale something pure.

Miss Catalina has been blowing my mind. She consistently makes me feel as though I need to be more productive, less skeptical. Always taking her work to some NEXX level shit! As does my homegirl Summer - with her paintings that often make me write desperate responses late in the night:

Out of hiding- a sweetly scented sleep.
Sinking in skewed and sour stories
Successively searching supplementary treasures
...Buried in a stagnant symphony...

And if that's not enough, there are always other's [post] secrets to juice off of.
[I may never have to use my own words again.]

It's time for me to get the fuck up, put on some lotion [even though I never made it to the beach] an have a likkle downtown brooklyn backyard BBQ...

Someday I will read to you Hans Christian Andersen, 'til then, here is a very cool little Fair[y] Use Tale.

Forgive me, but I always want to show you thiiiiinnngs.